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Most website generates its own roofing leads and brings them to you in real time! As such, you can contact your roofing job leads within minutes of them submitting their project information.

Most websites roofing leads cost between $19 and $30 per lead. The lead price fluctuates based on the roofing service you signed up for and how quickly you call the lead. To learn more about our pricing, fill out the form above.

CraftJack garners roofing leads from all over the country. You already saw the lead categories above, but CraftJack of course provides as much detail as possible with each and every lead. Below is a small sample from the thousands of roofing leads we have received.

“I need to replace the entire roof. It”s a 28 x 80 manufactured home.”
“We have a 25-year-old roof. Needs to be stripped to wood and new roof applied. Will probably need 2 or 3 sheets of wood on roof replaced. Also need 45-foot of vented soffit under eve of rear of house replaced. Probably want vented roof peak over house.”
“Shingles are missing. Need to replace.”
“Repair flashing around chimney.”
“Looking for a metal roof quote on a low pitch roof approximately 400 square feet.”
“We have a leak in a steel roof. Open to replacing half the roof.”
“Current roof has a couple of leaks. Would want to evaluate options, such as metal or tile.”
“Home is 16-years-old and shingles are not good. Also, tree damaged roof. Can you help?”
“Metal roof is leaking and needs caulking in some areas before I am ready to replace entire roof.”
“Replacing ceramic tile roof and entire gutter system.”
“Need new roof and rafters checked for structure and replacement. Also need an extension added to back patio from roofline.”
“I would like to replace my garage roof.”
“The roof in my house is leaking in the attic and in the den/addition. Can you help?”
“Need to place metal roof on top of two layers of shingles.”
“We want to upgrade our roof from asphalt to a tile roof and reinforce roof to carry the load.”
“Roof is leaking. We have a ranch home with plywood under roof/metal roofing. It is a small 1,200-square-foot roof. I want to replace with McElroy Milan Steel Shingles.”
“I need to fix my roof. There is water damage to the inside ceiling.”

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