When dealing with an attic mold problem, many house owners are challenged with the overwhelming task of solving an issue far afield of the normal home improvement task. Getting rid of attic mold is not like renovating a bathroom or cooking area or painting a home. Mold is both harmful and alive. And when it concerns getting rid of it there is a ton of clashing info out there.

Many property owners never even knew there was a harmful wicked residence right above their heads in their homes slowly consuming the real decking boards that form the roof. In fact, over half of the attic mold problem, we regularly experience were only found when the homeowner chose it was time to offer their home.

We have seen many, many, home sales fall completely through even if a house inspector discovered mold hiding in the attic location, feeding upon the roof boards. Many possible home purchasers are scared away by this black mold pigment, believing that it is “the poisonous black mold” the dreadful Stachybotrys chartarum. But in fact, this is nearly never the case. What makes a black mold black is simply the pigment melanin, a harmless pigment discovered in our skin to secure us from the damaging UV rays produced by the sun. It serves the same function in mold. Attic mold is practically never the more fatal black mold as attic mold almost always grows throughout the wintertime as a result of easy heat loss, combined with insufficient or improperly created or set up roof ventilation.

Ventilation Problems: How The Mold Grows

When it gets cold in the winter we turn on our houses warming system. Naturally, heat increases, and when we don’t have adequate insulation or when it is too cold to keep up with heat loss, this hot air makes its way into the attic itself. When a roof is ventilated correctly, this hot air is directed out of the attic through what are called out take air vents. These are in the type of box vents, power vents, gable-end vents, or ridge vents. For the outtake air vents to work properly the roofing system needs a consumption air vent system. These vents allow cooler air to move through the attic while the hot air is forced out through the outtake air vents.

The Solution:

When trying to decide what to do to solve the attic crawlspace mold issue, the average house owner is baffled. Why? Well in getting several price quotes for the clean up he or she is frequently faced with totally various recommendations from local contractors who each firmly insist that their technique is “best” or “ideal”.

Repair The Ventilation/Leaks:

In resolving every mold concern it is a should to get rid of the source of the moisture, and this suggests fixing the ventilation problems. While the prevailing theory is to set up a ridge vent we find that these typically do not breathe as promoted. We advise box vents placed as close to the peak as possible, they rarely clog or leakage and work remarkably well even though their use has fallen out of vogue. Next, make sure there is adequate consumption air in the form of soffit ventilation. There is no such thing as excessive soffit ventilation.

Killing The Mold Means Killing The Roots:

One of the most overlooked and misinterpreted components to permanent mold eradication and removal is eliminating the roots of the mold. When the average person thinks about mold they usually summon some memory of moldy bread or cheese. The human brain love to save memories by association, and we consider the fuzzy things we can see on the surface of a mold issue as the mold itself. WRONG! What we can see the fuzzy stuff is the fruit-body or the reproductive part of the mold organism, it is the seed. It is the apple, not the tree! If we wish to get rid of mold permanently we need to kill the roots which ARE the BODY of the mold organism itself. And they are invisible to the naked eye because they are growing under the surface area, just like the tap-root of a dandelion grows below the surface area of the Earth. And just like with a dandelion we need to eliminate the roots to eliminate the organism.

The Ideal Attic Mold Removal System:

The ideal attic mold removal solution utilizes ventilation correction to remove the source of the water. It includes the use of a biocide that is 100% natural and is also a sporicide ranked for permeable substrates, to kill the mold. It likewise concentrates on removing the stains or eliminating tome he evidence, so future homebuyer is not startled by the look that a mold problem once existed. It must focus on eliminating the roots and preventing the mold from recurring the ideal method to do this is to fill the wood or the decking boards with a non-toxic mineral salt so that the existing roots suck up the salt and die off and new spore never can start growing. It likewise needs to employ an inhibitor in the insulation to prevent the dust that gets trapped from growing mold.

How To Remove Mold In The Attic?

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