It’s essential to be able to recognize the signs of water damage in your house.

It does not take much water to trek the payout for restoration beyond what the average homeowner can pay for!

Leaving water damage concerns for too long can likewise put you and your family in a serious health danger environment. Find out how to assess water damage and the danger it postures to you and your family.

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Leak damage, when the source is not obvious, is frequently brought on by malfunctioning or damaged plumbing/pipes. Leaving water damage unattended, even if the problem appears small can also result in very costly repairs down the road.

Any wetness can start to produce mold within the wall cavities of your house within forty-eight hours! Serious potential dangers of your household being exposed to mold (especially the very young and older) have been understood to consist of serious lung problems such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, allergic rhinitis, and allergic asthma to name a few.

Major Signs of Water Damage in a Home


One of the easiest indications of water present where it ought to not be is the noise of leaking that is not apparent to the naked eye. In some cases an unpleasant odor or little spots can be associated with the leaking noise, making the source location a little simpler to find.

Standing Water

A clear indication of damage happening, standing water needs obvious instant attention from a professional. Clean up and any remediation needed needs to be done right now to prevent rot and mold from forming within your house.

Water Costs Boost

An abrupt spike in your water bill that can not be attributed to any activity you’ve recently carried out, a comprehensive check of the home for a water leak or broken pipe is in order.

Paint Damage

If the paint in your house has begun bulging, falling, or chipping off with no other explanation, this could be a sign of severe damage ahead of time stages and plumbing ought to be gotten in touch with immediately!


Spots happening on the wall or ceiling are an excellent sign of a long term water leakage. Generally, in this case, drywall and other structure materials may require to be changed once the source of the leakage has lain and eliminated.

Mold growing in flooded walls

Bowing Ceilings

Bowing or drooping ceilings can likewise be credited to water damage. This is another scenario that needs to be taken a look at with utmost urgency, a jeopardized ceiling could collapse any time!

Water Damage can Contribute Allergies!

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